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Degree programs - Department of Health and Human Performance

Our academic programs

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Program Degree Major Minor Concentration Pre Professional Teaching Certification
Adventure Education B.A. Adventure Educationis a major Adventure Educationis a minor checked      
Applied Health Science B.S. Applied Health Scienceis a major        
Applied Health Science Science/MSOT in Occupational Therapy B.S. Applied Health Science Science/MSOT in Occupational Therapyis a major        
Athletic Training B.A. Athletic Trainingis a major Athletic Trainingis a minor checked      
Exercise science     Exercise scienceis a concentration    
Health and Exercise Science   Health and Exercise Science is a minor checked      
Health and Physical Education B.A. Health and Physical Educationis a major       Health and Physical Educationis a certification program
Pre-Physical Therapy     Pre-Physical Therapyis a concentration    
Pre-Professional     Pre-Professional is a concentration    
Sport Management B.A. Sport Managementis a major Sport Managementis a minor checked