Why Messiah?

Employer Stories

"Journal Publications Inc. has greatly benefited from our partnership with the Messiah College Internship Center. For many years we have enthusiastically accepted Messiah interns to be a part of our company knowing the quality of students, their exceptional work ethic and their willingness to be a productive part of our organization.

The Messiah staff has always made it easy to integrate the students into our operation. Being a small business each student is immediately assigned responsibilities for projects or products at our company - no days spent at the copy machine with us! Several of our Messiah interns have ended up coming to work with us after graduation.

I would highly encourage local companies to become a part of the Messiah internship program. It has been an extremely valuable part of our business operations. Not only does it help our growing business concern but it is giving the future workforce valuable guidance and experience on what to expect after graduation."

David Schankweiler
Journal Publications, Inc.


 "The Messiah College internship experience for Pinnacle Health Foundation has been extremely positive because of the skills, focus, and passion brought by the interns to our workplace. The outcomes from the intern efforts have exceeded our expectations. The Internship Center staff has also set Messiah College apart from other colleges and universities. The center is extraordinary because of the structure, support and communication provided."

Larry Warkoczeski
Former Chief Development Officer
Pinnacle Health Foundation


"I have had nothing but great interns from Messiah Colleege over the years. They are always well prepared and very enthusiastic. My first intern from Messiah, Todd Parnell, is now the General Manager of the Altoona Curve baseball team and one of my best friends.

I'm also impressed with the structure of the internships and the accountability that the students must have to their advisors. It helps the students maintain a strong focus in not only their internships but career goals."

Gregg Mace
Sports Director
abc27 WHTM-TV Harrisburg


The student "did such an excellent job, and she motivates me to continue my relationship with Messiah College. So mature and self-motivated to want to learn...very hard to believe she is only a sophomore! I would absolutely extend her a position if she was a graduating senior!"

Site supervisor in Sports and Exercise Science


"His tenure could easily be summarized by quoting one of the staff members that worked closely with him when she stated, "He just gets it!" While completing job assignments, he asked probing and intelligent questions. He seems to understand the interplay between politics, legal and general administration. His intuitive disposition and maturity level bolstered his need for little direction and allowed him to interact well with all levels of County operations and the general public."

Site supervisor with Dauphin County - Office of County Commissioners