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Career Opportunities

Career opportunities for the Nutrition and Dietetics Major

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  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (also requires completion of an accredited dietetic internship after graduation, as well as passing the national Registered Dietitian Exam)
  • Medical Nutrition in a hospital setting (inpatient or outpatient)
  • Medical Nutrition in a long-term care facility such as a nursing home
  • Nutrition counseling, product development, and consumer education in grocery stores or food companies
  • Nutrition counseling for individuals with eating disorders or athletes
  • Nutritionist in community nutrition programs at the local, state, national, or international level
  • Food Service director in a hospital or nursing home
  • Food Service director in a school
  • Manager in a food and nutrition related business such as a restaurant or food company
  • Community Nutrition Counselor
  • Dietetic Technician - Students who successfully complete the major are eligible to take the national Nutrition and Dietetic Technician, Registered exam.  This credential is helpful for obtaining jobs assisting Registered Dietitians.