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Careers & Calling

Careers & Calling

Students pursue studies in the various disciplines of the Humanities for a wide variety of reasons, but almost always these reasons reflect a deep passion that likely reflects some part of a student’s vocation in life.  In the School of the Humanities, we are directed by the conviction that we are called first to understand God’s world—its people, languages, histories, cultures, literatures.  We are directed equally by the conviction that we are called to apply that understanding to that world as agents of reconciliation in whatever career we choose.  In the School of the Humanities you will develop skills and abilities that can be applied effectively in a wide variety of careers.  You will also be mentored by professors and advisors who can help you identify and nurture your particular gifts, and who can help you imagine the ways those gifts can be used effectively to make a difference in the world.

Specific information about career paths and choices for students in the liberal arts and humanities can be found in our Career Center.

You can also check out the following departmental pages for more information about the myriad of interesting pathways that our graduates have followed in the past, or view our Humanities Career Development brochure.