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Center for Public Humanities

Center for Public Humanities

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Explore the spectrum of human culture and experience

The Center for Public Humanities is rooted in Messiah College’s collective devotion to the humanities and the desire to partner with our broader community in meaningful inquiry, conversation, and action. Quite simply, we are students, faculty, and community members discovering what it means to be fully present and dynamic partners in the most important civic, scientific, and cultural conversations and issues of the 21st century.

Housed in Boyer Hall, the Center for Public Humanities advances Ernest L. Boyer's Scholarship of Engagement that celebrates discovery, integration, and the sharing and application of knowledge. We invite you to join us as we deepen our understanding of the humanities through an array of programs and events.

News and Events

Flyer about upcoming Poetry in Place event with Ms. Rosa Johnson.

The humanities illuminate diverse perspectives 

“I brought in prisms and asked my classmates to hold them up to the light. It depends on how you hold it up, what color you see. It’s that way with learning: we’re seeking the same light and truth, but we have different ways of thinking about it and perceiving it.”

       —Cedra Washington, Hoverter Course graduate 

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