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Here's what some of our alumni are saying........

“I learned how academic subjects such as engineering and chemistry can be pursued as a vocation to both serve God and serve those in need in a practical manner.”

~ Jamie Emberger ('10), chemistry, 1st year Ph.D. student at the University of Wisconsin.

“I learned how to apply my laboratory skills and techniques, conduct myself in an ethical and professional manner, and use my compassionate spirit to be a light to the world.”

~ Sarah Moreland ('10), biochemistry, 1st year medical student at the University of Maryland.

Fifteen minutes after an interview for a chemist position I received an email praising my undergraduate experience. They were very impressed with my education and said I must have had a unique and impressive undergraduate experience because most other undergraduate students they interview have not had such hands on experience and understanding of the instruments so fundamental and necessary to chemistry. Thank you Messiah for giving me that unique and impressive experience!

~ Cherice Bunce ('09), biochemistry, Chemist for Merck Pharmaceuticals

I attribute the majority of my success in conducting research for two prominent universities, and being accepted into the top Ph.D. programs in the world….  to the problem-solving techniques I acquired as a biochemistry major at Messiah College.

~ Jonathan Stoltzfus ('08), biochemistry, was a Research Fellow at National Institutes of Health

I think the most important thing I've learned besides the scientific knowledge is that, contrary to popular belief, science and faith can coincide quite easily.  So many times people believe that to be a scientist means you can't be a Christian as well.&; To have professors who are willing to talk about their faith as it relates to their field helped to solidify the notion that science and Christianity aren't necessarily polar opposites.

~ Jeremy Balsbaugh ('06) is a Ph.D. chemistry student at the University of Virginia.