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Alumni - Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Meet our graduates

  • Anuj Kalsy 04 Position/Employer: Research Scientist, Harvard University Medical School

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  • Chip Nataro-
    Chip Nataro '91 Assistant Professor of Chemistry/Lafayette College

    On a normal day, Chip deals mostly with teaching and research in classes such as environmental chemistry, general chemistry and organic and inorganic chemistry.

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  • Dr. Minh Nguyen-
    Dr. Minh Nguyen '80 Cardiologist, St. Luke's Hospital, Bethlehem, PA

    When Minh Nguyen ’80 stepped onto American soil for the first time in 1975 as a 17-year-old refugee from Vietnam, he was not discouraged. He applied—with the help of his sponsoring family—to more than 20 colleges, wanting to follow his dreams to become a doctor.

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  • Kevin Driver-
    Kevin Driver '03 Resident in Internal Medicine at Duke University Medical Center

    Kevin's Messiah memories are full and extend beyond the lab and library. When asked about his fondest memories, he cites "cheering and throwing marshmallows at the E-town soccer game, working one on one with faculty like biologist Dr. Larry Mylin and philosopher Dr. Robin Collins, and engaging in many late night discussions with roommates and friends about history, religion and Christian faith."

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  • Michael Sauder 03

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