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Faith and service

Faith and service

Faith and Service at Messiah College

Spiritual growth is an essential part of a Messiah education. We incorporate our shared faith in the classroom, through residence life, at chapel, on sports teams, through the arts and in clubs and organizations. Our motto, "Christ Preeminent," shapes every experience you'll have as a student here.

We see ourselves as partners in your spiritual journey and are committed to helping and to challenging you to know how God is revealed through Scripture, to be a follower of Christ and to prepare for whatever mission, vocation or service God has called you to. We don't want you to feel like you have to have it all figured out when you come to Messiah though. Our hope is that through your time here, you'll question, discover, confirm and commit to your own perspectives and beliefs guided through strong Christian convictions, and leave with a heart for service, a commitment to common good, a faithful intelligence and a passion for community and justice.