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Outlook: How to do an Email Mail Merge

A Mail Merge is when you are sending a message to a large number of people and you want each message to be personalized to the individual recipient, by plugging in (for example) their names, addresses, or other personal information. Formerly, you may have been told to set up a special Outlook profile when doing the mail merge, in order to work around the Outlook system’s daily send limits. However, the send limits are now much higher than they were before, and that special Outlook profile is probably not needed and therefore not recommended.

If you are sending to a very large list, then consider that our Outlook email system has a restriction of 10,000 outgoing emails per account per 24-hour period. If the mail merge is likely to take you near or over that limit, please contact ITS for assistance in working around that limit.

Otherwise, just do the mail-merge using the standard way (see Mail Merge Wizard []) using your normal Outlook profile.


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