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Using Spybot Search & Destroy

For the best protection, update and run Spybot Search & Destroy followed by SpywareBlaster regularly.

Spyware is everywhere. And there's a very good chance that unless you take certain precautions and regularly scan and immunize your computer you are a victim of spyware. For a wealth of information about spyware, click here.

Spybot Search & Destroy is a spyware detection and removal utility which will detect spyware on your PC, remove it and immunize against further infection by any of the latest known spywares. Of course, as with any other malicious software, the list of spywares is always growing, so using Spybot Search & Destroy, along with SpywareBlaster, should become a regular part of your routine PC maintenance procedures.

Locate the Spybot Search & Destroy icon on your Windows Desktop and double click on it to launch the application...

(if you do not have Spybot Search & Destroy installed on your computer, you may contact the Helpdesk or, if you are comfortable installing the software yourself, click here to begin downloading the software).

Updating the Software

Before running Spybot Search & Destroy, be sure you have the latest software updates.

1. Click on the Update icon in the left pane of the Spybot Search & Destroy Window.

2. Click on the "Search for Updates" button.

3. Select the updates you wish to install.

4. Click on the "Download Updates" button to begin installing the selected updates.

Performing a Scan

After you have installed any updates to the software you are ready to perform a scan of your computer. Depending on your computer speed, this process will take several minutes to complete. It is best to allow it to complete and refrain from using your computer during the scanning process.

1. Click on the Search & Destroy icon in the left pane of the Spybot Search & Destroy Window.

2. Click on the "Check for problems" button to begin scanning.

The Results

1. When the scan of your computer is finished, the spyware that has been found will be displayed in the lower portion of the Spybot Search & Destroy window.

2. Typically it is safe to select all of the items listed in the results portion of the Spybot Search & Destroy Window. Once selected, click on the "Fix selected problems" button.

Removing the Spyware

1. Spybot will notify you that it is about to remove the selected problems. Click on "Yes" to begin removing the problems.

Problems Fixed

1. When Spybot Search & Destroy is finished, it will report back to you that it has fixed the problems.Click OK.

NOTE: On rare occasions, Spybot will not be able to completely remove spyware until you have rebooted your PC. Spybot Search & Destroy will notify you of this when necessary. Simply acknowledge the notification, reboot your PC, and allow Spybot to complete it's scanning/removal the next time Windows loads.

Immunize Your PC

After you have removed the Spyware from your PC, you should immunize your PC against current spyware.

1. Click on the Immunize button in the left pane of Spybot Search & Destroy.

2. Click on the "Immunize" button under the "Immunize header."

Note: Prior to immunizing, you may receive an alert message stating that there are additional items you should immunize against. Simply acknowledge the message and then click on the "Immunize" button.

For the best protection, update and run Spybot Search & Destroy and SpywareBlaster regularly.


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