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Phone Types

Handset Equipment

Single line analog phones

- no features buttons/ features accessible by codes using “#”, “*”.

Single line digital phones

- this is generally placed phone in residences in non secretarial and non-administrative offices. Some features are listed on the phone’s template, others features will use “#’ and “*”.

Multi-Line Digital Sets

There are several types:
  • Some without displays.
  • Some with displays (display calling party as well as number you are dialing.)
  • The number of features you have one button access to depends on how many extensions are on these phones. Often times these are located in secretarial or administrative offices.
  • These all have half-duplex hands-free speakerphone capability.
  • For those features that are not accessible at the push of a button, use the “#” and “*” to access or cancel various features. (A complete feature list is given below.)

Classroom Phones

In all classrooms we have placed phones in an accessible location for calling for assistance or dialing on campus.

Conference Rooms

In many academic and administrative buildings, conference phones with speaker capability have been installed.

Locations include:

  • Boyer Hall 102
  • Boyer Hall 222
  • Boyer Hall 322
  • Boyer Hall 422
  • Eisenhower Campus Center Boardroom
  • Eisenhower Campus Center Private Dining Room
  • Frey Hall 110
  • Frey Hall 152
  • Frey Hall 327
  • Hostetter Chapel Room 113
  • Kline 108
  • Kline 114
  • McBeth Center

speaker phonePolyCom Speaker Phone

This is an analog speaker phone ideally used for conferences or classroom applications where multiple persons need to hear and speak in conversation. The phone has three built in microphones and one primary speaker. This is a full-duplex speaker phone meaning that there is no “cut out” of speakers waiting until the other party stops speaking. This is kept in inventory and requests may be made by calling the ITS Helpdesk at x. 4444.

Locations of Polycom Speaker Phones:
  • Boyer 102
  • McBeth Alumni Center Conference Room
  • Larsen 237
  • Hoffman 206

Emergency Phones

These are strategically located throughout campus generally around parking lots. They are equipped with a “panic” button that calls dispatch or a keypad to call various extensions on campus. emergency phone

Locations of Emergency Phones:
  • B-Lot: Back center of the lot.
  • C-Lot: Front of the lot by Naugle Residence.
  • D-Lot(2): Back left and back right of the lot.
  • F-Lot(2): By steps that lead to C-Lot and Rear side of Kelly Residence.
  • P Lot(2): Front right by tennis courts and back left by Falcon Hut.
  • T Lot: Front center when you begin going down hill to P-Lot.
  • WW Lot: Back right near where the steps lead up to the Student Union.
  • Frey Residence: Front center.
  • Lenhart Garage: Near fleet parking.
  • Mellinger Residence(2): Front and rear center.
  • Smith Residence(2): Front and rear center.

  • Kelly: Rear center

Public Area Campus Phones

In several academic buildings, general use and residential areas, we have placed campus phones for use on campus or by calling card. Locations of Public Area Campus Phones:
  • Boyer Hall Main Entrance and on each floor alcove.
  • Climenhaga 1st Floor Lobby.
  • Eisenhower 1st Floor (Receptionist area).
  • Eisenhower 2nd Floor Lobby.
  • Kline 1st Floor (near Room 108).
  • Frey Basement (near ve
  • nding machines).
  • Frey 1st Floor Lobby.
  • Hess Residence (Computer Lab).
  • Hostetter Chapel (lobby near College Ministries).
  • Kline 1st Floor Hallway.
  • Murray Library Entrance.
  • Naugle (Vestible).
  • North Complex (main and floor lobbies).
  • Old Main Front Lobby.
  • Old Main Hanicap Entrance.
  • Smith Residence (Laundry).
  • Sollenberger Sports Center (Star Entrance).
  • South Complex (Main and floor lobbies)
  • Witmer Residence (Vestible).

Verizon Pay Phones Locations

  • Eisenhower 1st Floor outside the Falcon Express


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