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Printer Billing Procedures

Campus Computer Labs

Usage of the printers from all general lab computers is automatically charged to the owner of the account who is logged in and print jobs are sent from the logged in account to the printer.

Receiving Your Bill

Printer charges are transferred weekly from Information Technology Services to the Business Office and will appear on your regular college bill. Normally, when charges are transferred, you will receive an email message confirming your charges. If any discrepancies are noticed with the lab printing charges, the Director, Technology Support Services (Berte Thompson, x. 2560), should be contacted -- not the Business Office. You can check your bill at any time at the Business Office.

NOTE: Your bill will only reflect the charges from last periodic transfer from the ITS office. It will not reflect printer activity which has not been processed. A CR beside an entry means that you have been credited for that entry.

Refund Procedures

Refunds will be given for printer malfunctions. Printer malfunctions include toner problems, ink distribution problems, undetected paper feeding problems, and any other hardware problems. Often the printers will detect a paper jam and automatically reprint the page once the jam is cleared. If this occurs, a refund will not be needed-- the student will only be charged for the one good page. If a refund is needed, please bring all the bad prints to Technology Support Services in ITS (Hoffman). If a written request is submitted, please include the following:
  • your real name
  • your login name
  • the date that the problem occurred
  • the time that the problem occurred
  • the document name that you tried to print
  • a description of what happened
  • the prints to show what happened
Technology Support Services will try to match actual usage charges with the information provided by the student. Failure to supply accurate information may cause a proper refund not to be made. All refunds will be credited to the student's college bill in the Business Office. Discrepancies must be addressed in the semester the charges are incurred.

Employee Billing

College employees will also be charged for the use of the lab printers. They will logon to the network in the lab using their usual employee account. Then, the usage will automatically be charged to their department or office. An email message detailing the employee's usage will be sent to the budget director for their department. It is then the employee's responsibility to reimburse their department.





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