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Printing Policies

  • Do NOT use regular transparencies designed for photocopiers. Students may only use overhead transparencies which are specifically manufactured for the printer you wish to use. The cost could be as little as $0.15 per transparency to as much as $1.75 per transparency.

  • Students and employees are charged for laser and color printing in the computer labs. (See the Billing Procedures for more information.)

  • A fee is charged for each page printed on the lasers or color printers. The fee will appear on your college bill. (See the Printing Fees for chart of the fees more information.) You will not be charged for the page if the printer malfunctions. You are responsible for making sure that your document is ready for printing on the laser. For example, you will be charged for pages printed with incorrect margins. Graphics Proctors are taught to recognize various types of hardware malfunctions and to identify common software problems. They can assist you in configuring your output for the printers.

  • Students must log in using their email usernames and passwords in order to print.

  • Students may use their own paper in the printers. Although the printers are capable of using many kinds of paper, some paper, such as highly textured paper and very heavy paper, will produce poor results. You are responsible for the results. No refunds will be given because the paper used is inadequate or because you are using your own paper.


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