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1] What is Microsoft Live @ Edu
Microsoft Live @ Edu is a service that provides the College with a hosted Email System based on Microsoft's Email Platform, Microsoft Exchange. Live @ Edu boasts the following main features:

2] What is Microsoft Outlook?
Microsoft Outlook is the desktop email client that will replace GroupWise. It is also the current industry standard in regards to email clients. For more details on how Outlook compares to GroupWise please see the Email Platform Comparison document

3] When are we transitioning to Microsoft Outlook?
ITS will be migrating all accounts on 5/31/2011.  Which means you will no longer be able to use GroupWise to send and receive mail after 5/31/2011. However, ITS will maintain the GroupWise email server for read only access (i.e. Users will not be able to send or receive) until Decemeber 2011.

4] Why are we implementing Microsoft Outlook?

5] Will my email address change?
No, your email address won't change. You will continue to receive all your email at your current username@Messiah.edu address.

6] What are some benefits of an externally hosted email system like Microsoft Live @ Edu?
Utilizing an externally hosted email system will help the College to save money in the area of disk storage and software licensing agreements as well as open up additional ITS staff time to focus on other priorities.  It will also allow the College to benefit by using the external email system as part of the business continuity plan.  The College can also take advantage of the various benefits of utilizing the industry standard desktop email platform Microsoft Outlook.  Please see the Email Platform Comparison document for a feature comparison against our current email system

7] What will migrate from my GroupWise account to my new Microsoft Live @ Edu account?
ITS will automate the migration of the following items for employees to the new email system:

All other items will need to be migrated on an as needed basis. Employees are encouraged to attend a training session on the new system to determine if there are any other items that they would like to migrate as well as the process to migrate them. As always the ITS Help Desk (x.4444) is available to assist you with this process.

ITS will automate the migration of the following items for students to the new email system:

All other items will need to be migrated on an as needed basis. As always Student Computer Services (x.3333) is available to assist you with this process.

8] How was the migration approved?



Vote (Approve – Disapprove)


Email Evaluation Task Force



Educational Technology Committee (ETC)



Student Forum

Discussion Item


Administrative Technology Committee (ATC)



Information Technology Committee (ITC)



Administrative Council

Discussion Item


COE Senate

Discussion Item


Staff Council

Discussion Item


College Council

Discussion Item


9] Will I be able to keep my GroupWise Rules?
Unfortunately, any rules you have set up in GroupWise to automate a process will not migrate; you will need to recreate your rules after the migration.

10] Can I sync my mail and calendar with my mobile phone?
Yes, many smart phones and mobile devices are supported on the new platform, including iPhone, iPad, Android-based, and Windows-based devices, assuming your device has a data plan or has Wifi support. Support for "Blackberry" devices is more limited: it is email only, unless you install a $50 Blackberry application that adds full calendar synchronization. ITS will be offering assistance for connecting personal and college-owned devices to the new email system.

For more details on how to sync your smart phone click on the following link:


11] Will ITS provide assistance during the transition?
Yes! To get you up to speed quickly, we will provide plenty of documentation and training resources. We will plan some hands on training sessions that will be open to the whole campus. We will also be glad to set up additional sessions to fit the schedules or information needs of various departments and/or groups. The Helpdesk will also be available to answer questions that may arise.

12] How much of a learning curve is involved with transitioning to Microsoft Outlook?
The learning curve should be relatively mild as Outlook (desktop client and web interface) look and act much like the GroupWise Client that we are currently using

13] Will Messiah still "own" the data (i.e. email, calendar)?
Yes, Microsoft contractually recognize that our data is our data, not theirs.

14] What if Messiah decided to leave the Live @ Edu email system, can we take all our data along?
Yes! Microsoft contractually recognize that our data is our data and that we are free to migrate elsewhere if ever needed.

15] Will our email and other data be secure?
Microsoft is committed to providing a secure environment for our data. They have a professional information security staff that is committed to industry standards for data security.

16] Will there be advertising displayed within my inbox?
No. Microsoft Live@EDU is ad-free for current faculty, staff and students. Although, they reserve the right to display advertisements to alumni who use the service.

17] Is there a limit to the amount of emails that I can send in a day?
Yes, see the sending limits section of Email Platform Comparison document.  Bulk mailing will still be able to be done using the current Bulk Email system available on campus. 

18] What other colleges/universities have made the transition to Microsoft Live @Edu?

19] Does the Microsoft Live @ Edu have it's own FAQ?
Yes! http://www.microsoft.com/liveatedu/faq.aspx?locale=en-US&country=US#17

20] Is there a way to perform "account proxying"? If so, can we limit the proxying (e.g. Read-only, full access)?
Yes! it is natively supported in both the web interface and Outlook Desktop client. Here is a link on to set it up:

21] Is there a way to do sent item tracking with details such as read, forwarded, deleted, etc?
Users can perform certain sent item tracking although it does not offer as much detail as GroupWise.

Please see the Email Platform Comparison document for more details.

22] What is the attachment size limit?

23] Will this allow students to keep their @messiah.edu email addresses after graduating?

24] Can I still perform a Busy Search?

25] Does the Outlook perform "autocomplete" in the To: line?
Yes! After you have sent to that person one other time it will autocomplete.

26] Can we personalize the subject portion of an email message that we have received?
Yes! Just open the message that you want to change the subject of and delete out the old subject and type in the new subject and click on Save.

27] Can items be marked as "high priority"?
Yes! In Outlook it is called High Importance. To send a message with high importance click on the red exclamation point in the message ribbon (default ribbon)

28] Can users share folders, calendar, contacts?

-Tutorial on Sharing Folders
-Tutorial on Sharing Calendars
-Tutorial on Sharing Contacts

29] Can users retract a message?
Yes! Click the following link for a tutorial to learn how: http://www.messiah.edu/offices/its/help/articles/outlook_recall_resend.html

30] Can users setup meetings using the included calendar?

31] Can users change or cancel a meeting time/location?
Yes! Recipients of the original meeting will be notified and their calendar automatically updated to show the meeting's changes or the fact that it was canceled.

Click the following link for a tutorial: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook-help/cancel-a-meeting-HA102090261.aspx

32] Can users view multiple users calendars at once?
Yes! Click the following link to see how: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook-help/view-calendars-side-by-side-or-overlaid-HA010354941.aspx?CTT=5&origin=HP010355042

33] Will I be able to keep my current Groupwise folder structure?
Yes! Your folder (all folders in GroupWise, NOT including folders in a Personal Archive) structure will be automatically migrated

34] Currently when a student is offered admission to Messiah, the student receives a user account. Will we still be able to do this?
Yes! ITS will still have access to create user accounts as needed. 

35] What are the different types of calendar entries? Ex., free, busy, out of office?
Yes (Free, Busy, Tentative, Away) all show up as different colors.

36] Can I view who has accepted/declined an appointment?
Yes! By clicking on the tracking button on the appointment on the calendar.

37] If I accidentally delete an item from the trash , can I get it back?
"recover" messages. See the following tutorial: http://www.messiah.edu/offices/its/help/articles/outlook_recovering_deleted_items.html

38] Can I apply formatting to the subject line of an email?
No. This is option not available.

39] Can you resend a message?
Yes! Please see the following tutorial:http://www.messiah.edu/offices/its/help/articles/outlook_recall_resend.html

40] Can I have multiple email signatures?
Yes! Users can have multiple signatures.


41] Can I customize my signature

42] Can I setup reoccurring appointments in the calendar?
Yes! You can setup reoccurring appointments in patterned format (i.e. Third Thursday of every month,etc). A plug-in will be available for users that request the ability to setup reoccuring appointments that are not in a pattern.

Please see the Email Platform Comparison document for more details.

43] Can the meeting location show up in the title of the appointment?

44] Can the "Out of Office" response setting be defined to not send replies to off campus messages?

45] Can the Contacts be divided into different "address books" to categorize contacts?
Yes! Using Contact Groups.

Click on the following link to learn how to create a Contact Group: http://www.messiah.edu/offices/its/help/articles/outlook_creating_contact_group.html

46] Can a user drag multiple e-mail messages into a new e-mail as attachments for forwarding purposes?
Yes! This can be done using the Outlook Desktop client.

47] Can a user delay the sending of a message to a future date/time?
Yes, with some limitations. After specifying a "delayed send", you must leave Outlook running until that time to ensure the message goes out at the desired time. As outlined here: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook-help/delay-or-schedule-sending-e-mail-messages-HP010355051.aspx

48] Can an e-mail be marked confidential when sending to a recipient?

49] Can I use the "Phone Message" template that is in GroupWise?
No. The phone message template is not available in Microsoft Outlook.

50] Can the appointment times on the calendar be changed to reflect class times (10:20, 2:05, etc) or is everything done in 15 minute intervals?
Yes! You can type in any arbitrary time for the start time and end time of an appointment. However, the calendar display still shows its grid lines on the interval amount that you have it set at (default of 30 minutes).

51] Can documents be attached to calendar appointments?

Yes! This can be done tow different ways:

  1. You can just drag the document over to the New Meeting
  2. You can also click on Insert Ribbon then click on Insert File and browse out to the location of where you have the filed saved

52] How will we perform bulk email functionality?
Same way as we do currently, by maintaining a list of the different groups (All Employees, All Students, etc). Most bulk email we send today is not sent using GroupWise, so the functionality would not have to change when switching to an externally hosted email system.

53] Will we achieve any net cost savings?
Estimated savings of $17,931/annually. Estimated ITS Staff time savings 170hrs/annually.

54] How do I migrate my personal contacts?
ITS has developed a step by step tutorial on how to do this here: http://www.messiah.edu/offices/its/other/Live_at_Edu/docs/Import%20Personal%20Address%20Books%20%28Contacts%29%20to%20Outlook%20from%20GroupWise.pdf

55] How can I see the size of my mailbox?

1. Right click on your mailbox (should look something like username@messiah.edu) which will be at the top level of your hierarchy in the "Mail" pane on the left side

2. Click on "Data File Properties"

3. Lastly, click on the "Folder Size" button

56] How Do I create a rule in Outlook?
Click here for a tutorial on how to Create a Rule

57] What will happen to all the mail in my personal archive that is stored directly on my computer?
All email in your personal archive will need to be unarchived into your GroupWise Inbox before the migration if you want to have it migrated to Outlook. If you need help unarchiving please contact the ITS Helpdesk @ x.4444 for information.

58] How can I add the Bcc field by default to a new message?

1. In the upper left-hand corner click the “New Message” button.

2. Click the “Options” tab and then click the “Show Bcc” button.

3. Now when you compose a new message you will automatically see the Bcc field.

59] How do I do a "Busy Search" Outlook 2010?
The functionality that performs a "Busy Search" is called "Scheduling Assistant in Outlook 2010. Here is a great tutorial on how to use the Scheduling Assistant to find an open meeting time: http://www.edutechnow.com/?p=892

60] Why when I send an email out for someone that I have delegate access to does it show "Sent on Behalf of" in the subject line?
Outlook has two different setting that will allow a message to look like it was sent from the actual users by a delegate.
  1. “Send on Behalf of” -  This setting can be configured using the Outlook Client and delegate access by the individual user.  A message sent using this method will display xxxx “Sent on Behalf of” xxxx  in the subject. This message will also stay in the sent items folder of the delegate (not the person who it was sent on behalf of)
  2. “Send As” is a setting that must be configured by an Exchange Administrator (i.e. ITS will need to configure user accounts that will need to use the “Send As” function from another account).  It seems as though Outlook requires this setting to be done by an Exchange Administrator in order to help mitigate the potential security risk of having delegates send directly from the other account. 

Suggestion for determining when to do each of the above:

-Use “Send on Behalf of” in the instance that an administrative support user needs to send something on behalf of their manager.

-Use “Send As” when a user needs to send something from an “Office/Departmental” account.

Good Comparison of “Send on Behalf of” vs “Send As”: http://www.office-outlook.com/outlook-forum/index.php/m/598753/ (half way down)

Can a user select either “Send on Behalf of” or “Send As” if they have access to both? No

If you are in need of setting up delegate access using the "Send As" functionality, please contact the Helpdesk @ x.4444.

61] How do I view my email when I am not near my work computer?
Use the Outlook Web Client (outlook.com)

*If you would like to have Outlook on a different computer then the one provided to you by the College, you must purchase Outlook 2010 yourself and setup up your email account. ITS will not support any versions of prior to Outlook 2010.

62] Where can I obtain a copy of the Microsoft Outlook 2010?
Faculty and Staff can purchase Outlook 2010 here: http://www.journeyed.com/?SKW=WAH1&ref=select

Students can purchase Outlook 2010 here: http://www.journeyed.com/product/search?srch_cat=&qk_srch=microsoft+office

63] How long will the GroupWise mail server be online for?
The GroupWise Mail Server will stay online until 12/31/2011. Starting on 5/31/2011 ITS will be turning off the sending and receiving functionality of the GroupWise Mail Server. Therefore, all items in GroupWise will be view only.

64] My Outlook software is not updating my email since the migration, how do I manually create an Outlook email profile?
In the event you are having trouble with your account (eg it is using your GroupWise profile and email does not seem to be updating) please follow these instructions:

65] How do I share a folder in Outlook?

66] Does Outlook have any recipient or sending limits?
Daily (24 hours) Message Sending Limit per Account*

NOTE: Not applicable if sending from Sakai, Banner or a source other than Outlook

Maximum Number of Recipients per Email Message*

NOTE: Not applicable if sending from Sakai, Banner or a source other than Outlook

Maximum Message Size*

NOTE: Not applicable if sending from Sakai, Banner or a source other than Outlook
Messages per minute (assuming you have not hit the 500 message quota)

NOTE: Not applicable if sending from Sakai, Banner or a source other than Outlook
Maximum Number of Attachments*

NOTE: Not applicable if sending from Sakai, Banner or a source other than Outlook
*If you need to circumvent this restriction please use the on-campus bulk mail server. See how: http://www.messiah.edu/offices/its/help/articles/bulk_email.html

67] Does Outlook have any Retention Limits?
Deleted Items folder retention period:
The maximum number of days that items can remain in the Deleted Items folder before they are automatically removed.
30 Days
Retention period for items removed from the Deleted Items folder:
The maximum numbers of days that items removed from the Deleted Items folder are retained before they are permanently deleted.
14 Days
Junk E-mail folder retention period:
The maximum number of days that items can remain in the Junk E-mail folder before they are automatically removed.
30 Days

68] How do I send a meeting to someone without it appearing on my calendar?
To send an appointment to someone without it showing up on your calendar. You will need to have the person which you are sending on behalf of give you Delegate Access to their account (see this article on Delegate Access for details on how to set this up.). Then you will be able to send an appointment an not have it show up on your calendar (but it will show up the person's calendar that you are scheduling the appointment for)

If you would like the person which you are sending on behalf of to have to Accept the meeting (as opposed to it showing up on their calendar as mentioned above) then you will need to send the appointment from a departmental account (i.e. Career Center, etc). To do this you will need to have Delegate Access to the departmental account. See here for details on how to set that up.

69] How do I view an account that I have been given Delegate Access to?
To view an account that has been delegated to you. You will need to add that account as an additional mailbox. See the ITS Help Article How to Add Additional Mailboxes for step by step instructions on how to do this