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Web Services

Launch Process/Going Live


When you and the web team agree that your site is completed and ready to 'go live', we request an email from you confirming the request to launch, and as much as possible, we time site launches when the Messiah College website is least active.


If there is an existing (current) site, it is backed up to an external hard drive, and the new site is pushed live. We keep the old site on a hard drive in the event that a file / photo / page was inadvertently overlooked and we need to restore it to the server.


The Web Team then goes through your site once again and tests for any missing images / broken links, etc. We request that clients test the site as well.


Steps to launch

  1. Confirmation from client to "go live"
  2. Schedule day / time that site is least visited (based on website stats)
  3. Current site is backed up to dedicated hard drive for reference purposes
  4. Web Team and client review site: test links, look for missing images, etc.


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