Project Planning

Planning your web project

Web sites take a considerable amount of time to develop and require careful thought and advanced planning. You will benefit from meeting with the web services team early in the process for your project. If you already have a site, remember to meet with us when considering and creating new pages for events, conferences, and programs.

In general, we follow these scheduling guidelines:

  • Creation of a new site: 1-10 weeks (depending on complexity) 
  • Updates to an existing site (depending on complexity of changes): 1-2 weeks

Click below to read more about how to get started with your website planning. 

Website planning overview 

Note: Project schedules begin when we receive final, approved content from you. If you have not finished your planning or creating your content at this point and do not provide additional content or feedback according to the project schedule we prepare for you, your project will experience delays.

We will do our best to handle emergency requests, but please note that we prioritize our work based on overall institutional needs.


Information on Project planning