Project Planning

Planning your web project

Creating new websites for Messiah is a time-intensive process that requires careful planning. It's a great idea to engage with our web services team early in your project to ensure its success. For existing sites, remember to reach out when considering and creating new pages for events, conferences, or programs.

Our general scheduling guidelines are as follows:

  • Creation of a new site: 1-10 weeks*
  • Updates to an existing site: 1-2 weeks*

*Project timelines are estimates, and the final determination depends on your project's complexity and the prioritization of institutional needs.

Please note that the project timeline initiates upon receiving final, approved content from you. If your planning or content creation is incomplete or feedback isn't provided according to the project schedule we provide, your project may face delays.

While we will always strive to accommodate emergency requests, it's essential to understand that our work prioritizes overall institutional needs.Your help in sticking to the project schedule goes a long way in keeping things smooth and timely for everyone. 

Ready to plan your web project? Check out our website planning overview!

Website planning overview! 


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