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Pay Schedule

Student employment | Pay Schedule

Special Note:

graphic Please note that the first pay period of the fall 2014 is four (4) weeks long and will be paid two (2) weeks later.


In general, please process paperwork for payroll changes, additional compensation, etc. at least two (2) weeks prior the pay date for which you want to make the change. Specific deadlines may vary -- click here for the official policy (PDF).

Student Employees:

  1. Student employees are paid on the student payroll (every other week, but with some exceptions).
  2. The number of weeks in any given student pay period may vary.
  3. Student payroll is typically paid on a Friday. If the pay date is a federal holiday, pay is deposited on the last business day prior to the holiday.
  4. Time sheets are due to supervisor by the Monday following the end of the pay period and are due to the payroll office on Tuesday. If due date is a holiday, the due date will advance to the next working day. The due date for the last payroll in December is also modified each year. When available, click here to find the modified December schedule (PDF).