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Messiah Wellness Program


"Wellness must be a prerequisite to all else."  Ernest Boyer


As God’s creation, we recognize that wholeness in life encompasses


well-being of body, mind, and spirit.  The wellness program


at Messiah College exists primarily to promote wellness


education and  provide opportunities for active


wellness participation, with the goal of


improving the health and well-being


of Messiah employees.



6th Annual Messiah Team Triathlon


May 3, 2014 - 9:00 AM



February Wellness Workshop



Thur. Feb. 20 @ 12:15 -1:00



Parmer Cinema



"Mindfulness and Stress:


how to use your head to your advantage"





Phil Lawlis, Director of Counseling and Health Services


Krista Cochran, Counseling Associate



Upcoming March Wellness Workshop



Tue. March 25 @ 12:15 -1:00



Parmer Cinema



Eldon Fry -  "Healthy Spirituality for Everyday Lives"



"Messiah Goes to the World Cup"


Physical Activity Program For Employees


If you are participating in physical activity (or would like to begin!) and are willing to


record your miles of walking, cycling, running or swimming, or your minutes of any


other exercise, then you should join the wellness program we're calling Messiah Goes  


to the World Cup.  Employees receive 30 wellness points for participating in a 6-week


session.  The fourth 6-week phase begins Feb. 16.  Look for registering details in the  


February Intercoms.  Since September, Messiah employees have collectively recorded


over 24,000 miles of exercise and symbolically 'sent' 5 Messiah men's soccer players


to Brazil for next summer's World Cup!    (It's 4800 miles from Grantham to Brazil)


                  myactivity pyramid