Allergy Injections

The Engle Center for Counseling and Health Services’ goal is to provide care needed by our student patients in the safest way possible.  Your assistance with this goal is not only required but also greatly appreciated.

Our allergy clinic serves many student patients, all with different allergy specialists.  Each allergy specialist has a unique form that they use in their office.  As you can imagine, utilizing so many different forms is very challenging and has significant potential for error.  Therefore, to maximize the safety margin for the student patients, our clinic is using a standard allergy immunotherapy administration form that we will utilize for every student patient in our allergy clinic.

In order for the student patients to receive allergy immunotherapy at the Messiah University Engle Center allergy clinic, we require the following from the prescribing allergist:

  1. Every student’s initial injection(s) must be performed at their allergist’s office.
  2. We will not mix or dilute any extracts; this must be done by the prescribing allergist.We will store extracts in the allergy clinic.
  3. The Messiah University Engle Center for Counseling and Health Services Allergy Immunotherapy Orders from Prescribing Allergist form MUST be completed and provided to the allergy clinic prior to a student patient receiving injections.  This must be updated by the allergist at the beginning of each new academic year.
  4. There is a charge associated with injections.While we do not participate in or bill any insurance plans, we do provide receipts to submit to insurance companies for reimbursement.
  5. All serum vials will be delivered cold on an ice pack, either by the student or overnighted through the mail with an ice pack.  If received otherwise, they will not be accepted.
  6. Each vial must be clearly labeled with:
  • Patient’s name
  • Name of antigen(s)
  • Dilution
  • Expiration date

These requirements are purely for the safety of our student patients.  Failure to comply could delay and potentially prevent utilization of our services.  Please contact our office if you would like us to mail a packet of information to your prescribing allergy specialist.



Elizabeth A. Miller, CRNP

Medical Director


Allergy Injections

This is our current policy on  Allergy Injections:

  1. Students must have the Allergy Injection Guideline and Protocol signed by their allergist.
  2. Students must have a the Allergen Immunotherapy Order form filled out, signed by allergist and returned to our office. 
  3. Students must have a current medication list reviewed and signed by their allergist.  Updated by allergist every academic year.
  4. Students must carry an Epi-pen during and after allergy injections and show to allergy nurse at each injection.
  5. Students must take an antihistamine on the morning of/prior to their allergy injection.
  6. Students with an asthma diagnosis must have peak flow recommendations from their allergist and must have their own peak flow meter with them for every allergy injection.
  7. Students must have an initial visit with the EC provider prior to first injection of their first year. Returnug allergy injection students will meet with their allergy nurse to review guidelines and protocols prior to their first injection.
  8.  Allergy injections will be $15 / wk.
  9. Students will sign the Allergy Intake form at the initial visit with the Provider (new allergy student) or their allergy nurse (returning allergy student).

****You can find these forms by scrolling over the form in the above paragraph, or on our "Forms" page****