Area Pharmacies

24-Hour Pharmacies

Rite Aid Pharmacy
4299 Union Deposit Road
Harrisburg, PA  17111
P:  (717) 564-6750
F:  (717) 564-4702

CVS Pharmacy
6007 Allentown Boulevard
Harrisburg, PA  17112
P:  (717) 540-5893
F:  (717) 540-5663

Free Delivery:

Care Options Rx Pharmacy
940 Oak Oval
Mechanicsburg  PA 17055
P:  (717) 796-3611   
F:  (717) 796-3621

Care Options Rx Pharmacy delivers prescriptions to campus by the next business day.  To use their services, have your health care provider send your prescription to Care Options Rx.  Then, call the Care Options Rx pharmacist with your insurance and credit/debit card number.  The Engle Center receptionist will email you when your medication has arrived at the Engle Center front desk.