Common Questions


Messiah students come to see us for many different reasons, such as feeling depressed or worried, friend or family concerns, eating and body image problems, sexual assault, self-esteem problems, academic stress, pre-marital counseling, etc. One of these may be a problem for you, or yours may be something quite different. Students sometimes worry that their problem isn’t “big enough” to see a counselor, but we’re here to support you at whatever level you need!



Counseling Services maintains strict standards of confidentiality. We will not release any records of your counseling or discuss your case with anyone, unless you give us your written consent. No record of counseling goes into your administrative school records, and school officials are not notified that you are receiving counseling. Family members will not be notified that you are in counseling unless you request us to, and we will not speak to them about your counseling without your permission. Under very extraordinary conditions, such as when a student's life is in danger, or when the safety of others is at risk, confidentiality may need to be broken. Feel free to discuss any concerns about confidentiality with your counselor.


No charge for Individual Counseling


  • Call 717-796-5357 or stop by the Engle Center to schedule your initial consultation.  At this first appointment you will consult with a counselor to create a care plan to meet your goals. 

For urgent assistance please come directly to our office or call during regular office hours and let us know you need immediate help. For after hours and additional emergency resources, click here.

During your first appointment the counselor will speak with you to get information about your current concerns, as well as additional background information that will help us to better understand your needs. Usually you will continue to meet with the counselor you saw for your first appointment, but the counselor can also help arrange for you to meet with someone else on our staff or off-campus who might be better suited to help you with your concerns.

Although the specifics of your particular problem will make your counseling unique, there are some general characteristics to be found in all counseling sessions. We view the counseling process as a partnership between the counselor and the student. We are here to help you meet your goals and we believe students benefit most from counseling that helps them develop skills for creating your own solutions.