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Medical Leave - undergraduate

Messiah University's Undergraduate Medical Leave policy is designed to provide relief and alternatives for students who suffer from a physical or psychological condition that severely impacts their ability to complete their work on time, or at all. Several factors need to be considered when a student is thinking of requesting medical leave. Below, we provide links to documents that explain the policy in summary fashion and in more detail.

An undergraduate student wishing to be considered for medical leave should contact the Director of The Engle Center for Counseling and Health Services, at 717.796.5357. The student will then be given a request form to complete and asked to supply documentation of their physical or mental health condition.

A student/family member cannot initiate medical leave without first consulting with the Director of Counseling and Health Services.

Undergraduate Medical Leave Policy

Requesting Undergraduate Medical Leave

  • Medical Leave Request Form   This form cannot be submitted except in consultation with the Director of Counseling and Health Services. This link is provided for cases where students are unable to meet in person with the Director and need to download a copy of the form. Please be sure to complete all blanks on the form and circle the correct response to the two questions about teacher certification and disciplinary proceedings.

Return the completed form to:

Director of Counseling and Health Services
Messiah University
One University Ave. Suite 3028
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055
FAX: 717-691-2344 ATTN: Medical Leave

Returning from Medical Leave

At the time a student is granted medical leave status, s/he is given instructions on a) what is expected of the student while on medical leave, and b) what must be provided by the student to be considered for return. Instructions for students wishing to return from medical leave are available here:


The following forms must be completed and submitted to the Director of Counseling and Health Services in order to be considered for return to class. Delay in receiving any form will result in subsequent delay in approval of the student’s return. The application deadlines are August 1 for Fall return and December 1 for Spring return.