Additional Campus Resources

Academic Updates provide educators a means of communicating with others who need to know and are in a position to help a student experiencing academic difficulty.  Online forms are available in Self-Service Banner, under the “Faculty and Advisors” tab.  Copies of the form are routed to the Registrar, and to the student’s advisor, her or his RD, and to an athletics coach if the student is a member of a sports team.

Care Teams are created on an as-needed basis and designed to meet the particular needs of a student experiencing emotional difficulties or disciplinary problems.  These teams are generally convened by the Associate Dean of Students when it becomes apparent that a student is struggling across a number of domains.  Educators can explore that option for a student by contacting the Associate Dean of Students.

In addition to the Engle Center, the following campus resources are also available to provide consultation to you and assistance for your student:

Office of Academic Accessibility provides screening and referral for testing of ADHD and learning disabilities, as well as assistance for students with other medical and mental health disabilities.   Eligibility for accommodations is determined through this office.  Coaching for students with ADHD or learning disabilities is available on a limited basis. The Disability Services Office also administers student requests for service or support animals.

Campus Ministries: in addition to responsibility for Chapel, the staff seeks to offer support for spiritual formation through pastoral counseling and mentoring, connecting students with Life Groups in the dorms and helping students connect with local congregations.

Intercultural Office provides support to students from underrepresented racial/ethnic groups, both domestic and international, as well as children of missionaries or other families living abroad.  While focused on the needs of these groups, the department seeks to provide opportunities for all students in areas related to cultural awareness and racial reconciliation.

Residence Directors / Resident Assistants provide oversight of residence hall and apartment life and develop programming to encourage a strong sense of community among students.  They are often involved in mediation of roommate conflicts, are trained in listening skills and provide referrals for counseling.  Residence Directors provide a 24 hour emergency on call service that can be accessed through dispatch in the Department of Safety.

Division of Student Success and Engagement provides oversight of all non-academic student disciplinary proceedings.  It is the mission of the office to nurture personal growth through the disciplinary process and to maintain a college-wide atmosphere conducive to learning and academic excellence.

Department of Safety: In addition to vehicle and traffic control the office provides a 24 hour presence for emergencies involving the safety of students and employees.

FalconCare: FalconCare is a telehealth platform with both medical and counseling visits with licensed professionals. Eligible students pay nothing for those visits. FalconCare also has a SuccessNow service for faculty and staff who wish to consult about student concerns. Questions related to FalconCare can be directed to the Director of Counseling and Health Services.

The Engle Center also maintains a list of off-campus resources of local support agencies. Contact the Engle Center Director for off-campus resources.