Medical Leave - undergraduate

Messiah University's Undergraduate Medical Leave policy is designed to provide relief and alternatives for students who suffer from a physical or psychological condition that severely impacts their ability to succeed academically, and who need time away from school for treatment and recovery. Several factors need to be considered when a student is thinking of requesting medical leave. Students considering medical leave should carefully review the policy, forms, and instructions below.

A student/family member should not initiate medical leave without first consulting with either the Director of Counseling or the Medical Director of Health Services.

Please contact the Director of Counseling or the Medical Director at 717-796-5357, or by emailing

Click here to view the complete Undergraduate Medical Leave Policy

Requesting Undergraduate Medical Leave


At this difficult time in your life, it can be easy to overlook important details regarding school. The following is a checklist of items you should complete before you go. If you are unable to take care of some items, you may want to ask your family or a University official for help. If you have any questions, please contact us at

 _____ Medical Leave Request Form

This form must be completed before a medical leave can be approved.

Please make every effort to consult with the Director of Counseling (for mental health concerns) or the Medical Director (for physical concerns) before submitting this form. An appointment with either Director can be made by calling 717-796-5357, or by emailing

When using the link, use Messiah University credentials to access your part of the e-signature form. The form will automatically be sent to the the Engle Center for review.

_____ Physician’s/Provider’s Letter

If you have not been treated at the Engle Center, you will need a letter from your provider to be forwarded to the Engle Center Director.

The letter should state your diagnosis, treatment plan, and your physician’s statement that you need a medical leave of absence from college to pursue treatment for your condition.

Your provider can mail to:

Engle Center, Box 3028

Messiah University,

Mechanicsburg, PA 17055.

Or fax to:  717.691.2344

Process for Check Out after Medical Leave Approval

Once your medical leave has been approved, you will need to complete the following steps to arrange checkout:

 _____ Residence Hall Room Key

If you live in University housing, please see your RD to arrange a check-out time. You must return your key to the Residence Life Office (Eisenhower 166) to avoid a $75 lost room key charge.

_____ ID

Return ID to Falcon Exchange in Eisenhower (beside the Lottie Nelson Dining Hall).

_____ Mailbox key

Please return your mailbox key to the Campus Post Office. Envelopes are available at the Campus Post Office service window for the return of mailbox keys. Be sure to fill out the information requested on the envelope and drop it through the campus mail slot. An unreturned key will result in a $25 charge being placed on your account.

_____ Student Financial Services

Please consult this office for information on how your medical leave will affect your billing and financial aid. Call 717.691.6004 or email

Process for Returning from Medical Leave

Medical leaves allow students up to two semesters of non-academic time away from campus. You may return when we have appropriate medical verification of your readiness to return. 

Please follow this checklist of items needed prior to your return:

  1. Release of Information Form

This form allows Engle Center health professionals to communicate with your medical professional. Please print out this form, complete it, sign it and give it to your provider. Your signature is necessary for the reciprocal sharing of confidential information. Note: Your provider(s) may also use their own release of information forms if they wish.


  1. Provider Form (for your medical provider to complete)
    • PROVIDER FORM for returning from medical leave due to physical health.
    • PROVIDER FORM for returning from medical leave due to mental health.
    • PROVIDER FORM for returning from medical leave due to recovering from/diagnosed with an eating disorder.


Submit completed forms to or upload to the ONLINE HEALTH PORTAL in the Document Upload tab.

  1. Personal Statement of your readiness to return:
    • Factors that led to your medical leave
    • The treatment you received while out of school, including names of providers and dates you began/concluded care with each
    • A summary of your progress and why you believe you are ready to return
    • Plans for ensuring your success upon your return, including plans for continued care
    • The names and phone numbers of the providers you plan to see upon your return to Messiah


  1. If you were hospitalized or went to the emergency room related to a condition for which you received medical leave, treatment records (progress notes and discharge summary) must be sent to the Engle Center

Deadlines for submitting these documents in preparation for your return as follows:

Fall Term: August 1
Spring Term: December 1

The Engle Center, in consultation with your health care provider, will assess your readiness to return and arrange for necessary support if you return. The review and decision process may take up to two weeks.