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Wellness Program: The Wellness Team


Suggestions related to Messiah's Wellness Program can be directed to any of the following members of the Wellness Team


Douglas Miller
Title: Exercise Science Professor; Wellness Director
Department: Health & Human Performance
Office: Sollenberger SC 151
Extension: 3340
Box 4501
Scott Kieffer
Title: Exercise Science Professor
Department: Health & Human Performance
Office: Jordan 351
Extension: 2633
Box 4501
Ellie Addleman
Title: Counselor; Coord.of Engle Center Prog. & Outreach
Department: Counseling
Office: Engle Center 116
Extension: 7084
Box 3028
Phil Lawlis
Title: Director of Counseling and Health Services
Department: Engle Center
Office: Engle Center 107
Extension: 3210
Box 3028
Wendy Cheesman
Title: Physical Therapist
Department: Health & Human Performance
Office: Sollenberger SC 143
Extension: 2170
Box 4501
Jonathan Lauer
Title: Director of the Murray Library Department: Murray Library Office: Murray Library 122 Extension: 3820 Box 3002
Su Deitch
Title: Manager of Benefits
Department: Human Resources
Office: Old Main 203
Extension: 7085
Box 3015
Seleena Lindsey
Title: Faculty Support Specialist
Department: Faculty Services
Office: Hoffman 112
Extension: 2250
Box 3044
Judy Groop
Title: Coordinator of Health Services
Department: Health Services
Office: Engle Center 137
Extension: 6035
Box 3028