Kerry Hasler-Brooks

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Kerry Hasler-Brooks

Associate Professor of English, Chair of the Department of Language, Literature, and Writing

Interest and areas of expertise

American literature, borderlands literature, African American literature, women’s literature, pedagogy, and composition

  • B.A. English (Messiah College, 2005)
  • M.A. English (Villanova University, 2010)
  • Ph.D. English (University of Delaware, 2014)
Classes I teach
  • First Year Seminar: Read Dangerously
  • Introduction to English Studies II
  • Slavery and Abolition in American Literature
  • Ethnic Literatures of the United States
  • American Women’s Writing
  • Young Adult Literature

Dr. Hasler-Brooks researches and teaches a textual history of American life, with a particular focus on race and gender, from Phyllis Wheatley to Marilynne Robinson, Frederick Douglass to Gloria Anzaldua, Herman Melville to Toni Morrison.

Building on interests in feminist pedagogies and vocation, Dr. Hasler-Brooks’s scholarly and classroom projects explore podcasting as a medium for public literary analysis; silence as textual, spiritual and pedagogical practice; and Black women writers as public curators of antiracism literacies.

Dr. Hasler-Brooks believes stories speak truth and teaches students to be the creative thinkers, engaged conversationalists, perceptive readers, and responsible writers the world needs.


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