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Christian Ministries (B.A.)

Christian Ministries (B.A.)

Christian Ministries at Messiah College

Are you interested in becoming a church pastor? A youth worker? A missionary?

Are you eager to grow and share your own faith but also to understand the faith practices of others around the world?

At Messiah College, a nationally ranked Christian college in Pennsylvania, we offer three Christian Ministries concentrations- Congregational Ministries, Cross-cultural Ministries (Missions), and Youth Ministries - as well as a wide range of specialized courses.

Christian ministries major distinctives
Career options for Christian ministries majors
Internship opportunities for Christian ministries majors

Practicing Christian ministry

As a Christian ministries major you’ll be required to do field work and a practicum in a local church or ministry setting. And you will also participate in “spiritual formation” (mentoring) groups during your sophomore and senior year as part of the requirements for your Christian ministries degree.

Classroom study

Within the Christian ministries major you will take foundational Bible and theology courses, and take an in-depth look at various Bible texts, including Pentateuch, Historical Books, Poetical and Wisdom Literature, Gospels, Paul and His Letter, and Revelation.

Missions work

If you are interested in missions, there are also many courses available in missions training, world religions and world Christianity.