4x4s - First Wave, Week 1

4x4s - First Wave, Week 1

  • Date: February 15th, 2024
  • Location: Various Locations
  • Time: 9:30am - 10:15am
  • Cost: Free

Descriptions and registration information for 4x4 series can be found on our Thursday morning chapel page.


Collaboratory  [Jeremy Freimark - Frey 070]

AROMA  [Rodrigo de Mendoza Barrera - Hitchcock Arena]

The Spirituality of Caregiving:Stories from the Bedside  [Evie Telfer - Hostetter 113]

Share the Dream: Shining a Light in a Divided World through Six Principles of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  [Todd Allen - Boyer 237]

Becoming a Faithful Professional  [Andrew Babyak - Alexander Auditorium (Frey 110)]

Collaboratory Site Team Deploy Preparation  [Bryce Watkins - Frey 243]

Walking in the Light: A Study of the Gospel of John, Part 2  [Vinny Sakore - Frey 150]

MAP: Restoring the Roots of our Sexual Brokenness, for male students  [Mike Blount - Loft Great Room]

Skillful Hands and Integrity of Heartfor members of the Worship Community  [Douglas Curry - Hostetter Chapel 120]

Immerse Messiah  [Emily Bingham - Boyer 131]

The Chosen  [Christy Hanson - Parmer Cinema (Boyer 137)]

#BeReal in your Walk with Christfor female students  [Rachel Fleagle - Boyer 322]

Serving and Loving: A Deep Dive into "Helping without Hurting" on Short Term Missions  [Caleb Miller - Jordan Kline Atrium]

Cultivating a Creative Prayer Life  [Julia Wittel - Boyer 330]

Restful Rhythms: Contemplative Practices for the Chaotic Life  [Sean Strehlow - Fitness Center Group Exercise Room]

The Anxiety Opportunity  [Jocelyn Clippinger & Joy Fea - Library Athenaeum]

Emotionally Healthy Relationships  [Hannah McBride - Boyer 230]