Online forms: Restoration House Application

Preferred Special Interest House applications are due by March 1st, 2024.

*Late applicants are contingent on availability.

**Any questions about this application should be directed to David Foster and Lori Chance.


An extra note to prospective Restoration House residents: Living in the Restoration House means living in an intentional community where you spend much of your free time at the house (meals, study time, plain old chillin’).  But there are also more concrete and mandatory commitments such as a one hour weekly meeting, and one large event put on by the house each semester (e.g., Fall: Fall Fest and Spring: Lawn Party).  The house is different from other campus communities in its focus on “green living” and caring for the environment. 

Before you apply please read more about the house to understand the mission, goals and activities of the house.

Note: We accept applications on an individual basis and cannot guarantee the acceptance of roommates applying together. All applicants must attend at least one community dinner before decision time and introduce themselves so we can put a face to applications.