Online forms: Allergy Form for Conference/Camp

This form has 3 pages


  1. The Documentation Form for Medical Condition/Food Allergies must be completed 30 days prior to the start date of your camp or conference.
  2. Please note that Dining Services will only accommodate medically necessary diets, not weight loss, organic or food preference diets. Many preference or weight loss diets can be accommodated within the framework of the menus planned during your stay by adjusting portion sizes.
  3. The completed Documentation Form for Medical Condition/Food Allergies will be shredded and discarded at the conclusion of the camp or conference that you are attending.
  4. Dining Services may not be able to accommodate all special dietary requests. Special dietary requests will be approved and granted at the discretion of Dining Services. Additionally, the facilities in Dining Services are not equipped to cook special foods brought to Messiah University by camp or conference guests.
  5. Once the Documentation Form for Medical Condition/Food Allergies is submitted and or received electronically, a Dining Services staff member will contact you to review your information in preparation for your visit to campus. If you do not receive an email confirmation of your request within 48 hours of submission, please contact Dining Services by email or phone.