Online forms: Act 48 Credit Request

Welcome to Messiah University’s Act 48 Credit Reporting request form!

You may submit this request for completed courses in which you have received a passing grade (C or higher). Courses submitted must be associated with your professional development. Approval of credits for Act 48 is at the discretion of an educator’s school district and/or the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE).

What is the process? How does my credit get reported to PDE?

  1. Complete this request form. You are responsible for initiating the request of Act 48 credit through submission of this form. On this form, you will identify which courses to report.
  2. All credits are verified through the Graduate Registrar’s Office, and then submitted to PDE. Please allow 3-4 weeks for processing (a little longer during the summer months). Request forms should be submitted promptly after course completion and after the course grade has been posted. You may check on your reported Act 48 credits on PDE’s website at
  3. Only completed courses may be reported. You should complete another request for any courses in which you are currently enrolled.

If you have any questions about Messiah University credit course work for Act 48, please email