Media Lab

The 1,740 square-foot media lab facility in Hostetter Chapel consists of areas to serve media (television) and film. The space includes studio cameras, news set, studio lights and a corner-placed, endless floor green screen (as well as several portable green screens). It also features a control room, where students can control and edit a live broadcast taking place in the adjacent studio. Computer stations and monitors allow students to control the audio, switcher, graphics, teleprompter and color correction.

The foley studio is dedicated to creating and recording sound effects and other audio in the post-production of media. A sound booth, foley pits (for putting various materials inside and creating sounds), a large monitor, microphones, and a computer station with Pro-tools and audio mixing equipment are new additions to the room as well.

The space also includes a much-needed storage for the department’s video production equipment, as well as a dedicated circulation area for students to check out items.

New equipment—including HD cameras and cinematic-quality cameras like the Blackmagic and a RED Epic (the same camera used to film “The Hobbit”)—were purchased.

A green room—the waiting area for talent before they go in to the studio for a production—adds a necessary touch to a professional-quality studio.

Gallery photos by Erin Zakin '17