Messiah College Ligature Gallery

Messiah College Ligature Gallery

Where seemingly incompatible ideas come together

You'll often notice in Messiah's communications the use of two different words 'fused' together. We refer to these as 'ligatures' and they symbolize Messiah's ability to help students reconcile seemingly different ideals in new and interesting ways.

Messiah College uses ligatures to help communicate our institutional values, and to help students explore if they will be a good fit for their own. For each these ligatures, Messiah has developed an 'outcome' of what happens when these specific powerful concepts are brought together in the lives of students. You can also go deeper by reading the unique narrative associated with each ligature (called a 'tone poem') that reflect the first-person experiences of students.  Explore the ligatures below to learn more about their specific meaning and outcomes, and how Messiah College can help you to bring these powerful ideas together in exciting new ways.

Messiah College ligatures