Photographic Memory

9 pictures and the stories behind them

We asked Messiah’s photographers—students and alumni from a variety of disciplines—to send The Bridge their favorite photos. From underwater landscapes to wedding portraits to book covers, each one is truly worth 1,000 words.

- Anna Seip

Brett Seymour ’94, film

Working as an underwater photographer for our nation’s lead preservation agency—the National Park Service—often has equal parts exhilaration and discouragement.
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Melissa Hess ’05, studio art

This photo is one of my favorites from a recent personal project called “inVISIBLE Americans: Making immigrants visible—in a new light—through their own words.”
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Isaiah Snyder ’20, commercial music

always love the combination of a fisheye lens and long exposures, which is exactly what I used and how I captured this image.
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Frederick Schmitt ’88, English

In my early days as a photographer, I was asked to read a poetry manuscript and shoot a variety of cover photos to match the content.
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Annie Minicuci ’12, art history

The idea was to choose a favorite image, but I soon found that task to be nearly impossible. For one, my work is constantly changing, growing and evolving; and I am still quite far from reaching my pinnacle.
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Brianna Wilbur ’13, nursing

I think it is really hard to ask a photographer to pick one favorite photo. In the summer, I’m literally shooting hundreds to thousands of images per week for a span of clients.
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Sarah Brookhart ’13, early childhood education

This photo is a favorite of mine, because I believe it encompasses exactly what I strive to capture as a professional wedding photographer.
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Daniel Fliehler ’19, environmental science

This photo of a mink on campus is one of my favorite images I’ve ever taken. I love it not because of any technical perfection (in fact, it is a very simply composed image), but because of the subject and the experience of the encounter.
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Bo Williams ’15, studio art

This film portrait is one of the last photos I took of my father before my wife and I moved to Edinburgh, Scotland, in 2017.
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