Young alums: Where are they now?

Grads from the past decade check in

Armed with the tools to excel in their chosen fields and the passion to spread Christ’s love while doing it, Messiah graduates get right to work in communities all over the world. We caught up with a handful of recent grads pursuing varied careers to see how they are using their talents to achieve their goals – and making the College proud in the process.

Adam Brackbill ’12

It takes courage to start an ice cream business in Harrisburg, where ice cream giants such as Hershey’s and Turkey Hill reign. Luckily, marketing grad Adam Brackbill has a strong faith and good business sense. His thriving homemade ice cream start-up named Urban Churn is proof.

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Elizabeth Brake ’08, M.Ed. ’16

With two degrees from Messiah, Elizabeth Brake has dreams for her future, and she’s working hard to align them with God’s plan. Brake has long envisioned a career in the disability services realm of higher education. Born with cerebral palsy, she earned a degree in education and family services from Messiah, where she interned at the Office of Disability Services. As a result, she created the Disability Services Fund, to help pay for needed resources for those with disabilities at the College.

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Jonathan Desmarais ’07

As a high school literature teacher who majored in music, Jonathan Desmarais works daily to make an impact on the next generation.

“One of the biggest parts of my teaching career has been defined by the pursuit of social justice, and that manifests itself in my teaching,” said Desmarais of his job at Logos Academy in York, Pennsylvania.

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Melissa Veras ’17

In the year since she earned her degree in social work from Messiah, Melissa Veras completed a master’s in social work, wrapped up an internship at the nonprofit Advocates for Children of New York and held down a part-time job at the New York Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing. It’s no wonder the time has flown by.

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Dr. Jonathan Lorgunpai ’11

A biochemistry and molecular biology major at Messiah, Dr. Jonathan Lorgunpai is completing his third and final year of internal medicine residency at Boston University Medical Center. After seven years of countless hours of studying and extra-long shifts, the first four of which took place at Yale Medical School, he says he definitely found his calling.

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Ryan Faus ’11

If your favorite band releases singles one by one, or stopped dropping new albums right before the holidays, Ryan Faus might be behind it.

As the director of global research and analysis for the major music company Warner New York, Faus works in the Big Apple studying endless data from streaming services such as Spotify to come up with strategies on which artists to sign along with how and when to release new material.

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Rachel Scarborough '14

Only two weeks after earning a degree in public relations, Rachel Scarborough received an offer from friend Darris Sneed, a Gospel and pop artist, to be his manager for a three-week tour around Florida.

“It was brutal. It was stressful,” said Scarborough of her first post-graduation job. “I came off the tour thinking, ‘I never want to do this again.’”

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