Undergraduate commencement

Read about six students interviewed during four years

In 2018, Messiah College celebrated its 109th Commencement May 19, conferring degrees on 651 graduating seniors in Brubaker Auditorium. Commencement speaker David Kim, violinist and concertmaster of the Philadelphia Orchestra, said, “I hope and pray for every success for you, graduates. In your careers, in your relationships and in your daily witness of God’s love.”

Through a series of interviews conducted during the past four years, The Bridge staff followed several students. From the first weeks on campus in the fall of 2014 to their 2018 Undergraduate Commencement, we chronicled their academic careers, faith transformations, ups and downs.

In this group, you’ll meet an engineer landing a dream job at Goldman Sachs, a soon-to-be occupational therapist, a field hockey player making a tough choice at a critical moment, an accountant who traded baseball for music and more. They discuss how their Messiah experiences shaped them along the way.

Regan Hershey ’18

Regan Hershey ’18 transformed during his four years at Messiah—spiritually and academically, day by day. Entering campus as an international business major, he thought he had everything figured out. He played on the baseball team, traveling with AROMA to do missions work in Panama.

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Sandra Snozzi ’18

Growing up, Sandra Snozzi ’18 lived in Belgium, Germany, Mexico, Spain and the U.S. Her father is Swiss. Her mother is Mexican. So, what language do they speak around the dinner table?

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Vy Ho ’18

As an international student from Vietnam, Vy Ho ’18 first heard of Messiah College while attending Lancaster Mennonite School. She wanted a school where she could major in engineering and take violin lessons—which she did—but she also accomplished so much more during her four years on campus.

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Kelly Hopkins ’18

She had dreamed of being a mechanical engineer since fifth grade, planning to follow in her mother’s footsteps. Then Kelly Hopkins ’18 realized something very important after she started college: She didn’t want to be an engineer after all.

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Sam Brock ’18

Sam Brock spent three years at Messiah instead of four. Sound odd?  He’s part of the 3+2 master’s program, which provides students a chance to streamline their undergraduate and advanced degrees. Students spend three years at Messiah working toward a bachelor’s in applied health science and then two years at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to receive an MSOT in occupational therapy.

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Ally Morgret ’18

With a passion for children, Ally Morgret ’18 planned to be an elementary school teacher. Through that passion, however, she found another calling.

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