Continued education unit programs

Continued education unit programs

As a Department, we seek to serve our own community by providing Continued Education Units opportunities for social workers free of charge. 

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Session Abstract:

The division in our society continues to hurt community relationships. Intentional dialogue is an evidence-based intervention to encourage authentic conversations and promote understanding. This session will introduce participants to the concept and practice of intentional dialogue. In addition, the participants will be able to apply the knowledge during the session by engaging in intentional dialogue with fellow participants

Learning Objectives:

Learn the concept and practice of intentional dialogues. Know the guidelines and steps to engage in intentional dialogues.

About the Presenter

Dr. Ling Dinse has been a PA-licensed social worker for 26 years and taught in higher education for 10 years. She is an active speaker in the areas of racial reconciliation, marriage enrichment, parenting, and social justice. Dr. Dinse enjoys academic research, and her research topics center on encouraging relational healing, with current topics including church trauma and the development of civil conversations. Originally from Hong Kong, Dr. Dinse completed her B.A. and MSW degrees at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Dr. Dinse received her Doctor of Social Work degree at Millersville University, PA.

Workshop Recording 3-5-24

Pennsylvania based CEU's: To receive 1.5 CE credits at no cost, watch the workshop recording then complete and pass the quiz with an 80% or higher score. Take the quiz: CEU 3-5-24 Workshop Quiz

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