Department of History

Department of History

Welcome to the Messiah College History Department. We are a vibrant community of teachers and scholars who are passionate about the study of the past. In the tradition of the Christian liberal arts, the history program provides a wide range of course offerings and experiences. A strong emphasis is placed on the cultivation of a breadth of historical learning along with specific skills -- critical thinking, high-quality writing, methods of research -- which are essential career tools.

In addition to its course offerings in American, European, Non-western, and Public History, the department offers many enrichment opportunities for our majors -- including working with professors on research, internships with museums, historical archives, and governmental agencies, study semesters and short-term trips around the world, teaching in local schools, and archaeological training. Our students enjoy the benefit of studying in several learning environments, in which we creatively connect the past to the present.

Student learning and research are enhanced by a substantial history collection in the college library, which includes an up-to-date set of the major monographs and journals in each historical field, computer-based bibliographic and statistical resources, the Early American Imprints and Early American Newspapers digital collections, and a far-reaching interlibrary loan system. All of our history faculty hold Ph.D. degrees and are active research scholars, so students are encouraged to pursue their own historical interests along with the faculty.

Graduates of our program pursue employment and graduate school in a variety of fields, including history, public history, journalism, communication, education, sociology, library science, business, law, computer science, theology, and many others. Through the advising process our faculty works closely with each student to think about how a history major provides a set of transferable skills that can be translated into a host of employment opportunities.

Thanks for stopping by our website. I hope you find something here that is useful.  If you have any questions about our program feel free to contact me:

John Fea, Department Chair

717-766-2511 ext. 2253