What happens when?

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Reconcile seemingly different ideals at Messiah

You’ll often notice in Messiah’s communications the use of two different words “fused’ together—words like faith-intellect or discovery-belief. We refer to these as “ligatures” and they symbolize Messiah’s ability to help students reconcile seemingly different ideals in new and interesting ways.

Those joined words identified for me tensions we're struggling with as young people. It's encouraging to know that Messiah would help us navigate that.

-first-year Messiah student, Class of 2017

What are Messiah College Ligatures?

Messiah College uses ligatures to help communicate our institutional values, and to help students explore if they will be a good fit for their own.
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Messiah College is a Christian educational community that encourages students to think critically, weigh ideas and explore possibilities from new angles. For example, at Messiah we ask questions like:

What happens when

You develop a discerning spirit.

You refine an ethic of servanthood.

You find a passion for Christian community.

You cultivate real-world creativity and an authentic power to lead.

You experience a sense of calling.

You acquire a worldwide sense of belonging.

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