Messiah University's response to COVID-19

Messiah is in session this fall with flexible in-person and remote learning options, health and safety protocols and student care and support.


Who to Contact

Safe places to process:

University Ministries

The professional capacity of the above positions allows them to process incidents with students without required reporting unless the situation may endanger individuals or the community.

Whom to Contact:

Associate Dean of Students (Assoc. DOS): Doug Wood ext. 5234
Dean of Students: Kevin Villegas  ext. 7215

Vice Provost for Student Success and Engagement (VPSSE): Kristin Hansen- Kieffer ext. 5234
Provost: Randy Basinger ext. 5375
Vice President for Diversity Affairs:Todd Allen ext.  2255
Director of Academic Support Services:Amy Slody ext. 7258
Director of Multicultural Programs: Cherisse Daniels ext. 6930
Director of International Student Programs:Lydia Skulstad ext. 2284
University Ministries:Mina Choi ext. 7224


Eleanor Muir ext. 7084

Mike Blount  ext. 3903

Deb Danielson ext. 7082

Audrey Kleinfled ext. 3515

Davin Rowe ext. 6035

Residence Directors

Bittner, Josiah Hatfield ext. 4094

Grantham/Smith, Julie Price ext. 5224

Hess/Kelly, Rebecca Firstbrook, ext 4173

Miller/Fry, Tovah Wilson, ext. 4230

Mountain View, Amy Nicols  ext. 5210

Naugle, Beth Moshier ext. 6079

Sollenberger / Mellinger, Curtis Kurtz ext. 6080

Witmer, Caleb Miller ext. 6079

Director of Residence Life, Lyndsay Grimm ext. 5088

Department of Safety (Call Dispatch Services ext. 6005)