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The P-Card should be used primarily for travel, however, limited purchases at retail locations for emergency supplies, or on secure websites for goods and services where a PO is not accepted are allowable. Cardholders must adhere to the individual card transaction limits, the policies outlined in the P-Card Manual, and this Purchasing Policy. Most other purchases should be made using the requisition/purchase order system. Please see this link for more details.

Participation in the Messiah College P-Card Purchasing Program is a convenience that carries several responsibilities. Although the card is issued in the employee’s name, it should be considered College property and used with good judgment. All cards are issued at the request of the budget manager.

Those who have been issued a P-Card may initiate transactions in person, by telephone or via the internet within the limits of the individual card transaction limits and adhering to the guidelines stated in this document and the Purchasing Product Matrix. The use of a College P-Card is a privilege granted by the College, and as such, will be revoked and disciplinary action taken in the event of abuse, fraudulent use, or failure to perform related administrative duties. 

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