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Purchasing Cards

Purchasing Cards


The purpose of Messiah University’s Purchasing Card Program is to streamline the purchasing and payment process when using Messiah University’s funds for specific business purchases.

Participation in the Messiah University Purchasing Card Program is a convenience that carries several responsibilities.  Although the cards are issued in employee’s names, they should be considered University property and are to be used with good judgment.  The use of a Messiah Purchasing Card is a privilege granted by the University.  Abuse, fraudulent use or failure to perform related administrative duties outlined in the Purchasing Card Manual may result in the cancellation of Purchasing Card privileges, an employee reprimand, and/or termination of employment.

Messiah University has two types of Purchasing Cards – the P-Card and the DB-Card. These cards are not interchangeable and cardholders must use the cards only for the specific purposes for which they were issued.Cardholders must adhere to the individual card limits and the guidelines outlined in the Purchasing Card Manual, the Purchasing Policy and the Expenditure Policy.

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