Comments from Teachers about Hosting our Students

I find the Messiah pre-student teachers to be well prepared and well mannered. This semester I had a wonderful experience .... She taught several mini lessons to enrich and teach our curriculum. She helped me to learn more about integrating technology . . . This pre-student teacher and I explored the internet to find creative ideas to share with students, to improve the lessons that I taught . . . my experience with her made both of us better teachers.

As a Middle level teacher in an Urban setting, I believe the partnership with Messiah College has been a most beneficial experience for all involved. Prospective teacher candidates gain valuable experience and familiarity with the educational needs of today’s students. They are able to take their theory and put it into practice. Students enjoy interacting and working with these exceptional teacher candidates. . . I find it refreshing to get a new perspective on lesson content and delivery. I enjoy sharing my years of experience with these enthusiastic and energetic teacher candidates. If you are contemplating hosting a student teacher from Messiah I would recommend them without reservation.

. . .. Every student I have had from Messiah has been very professional and hard-working. When my student teacher came this past Fall, we were just about ready to start home visits. She came along without hesitation, and handled herself like a pro. I am very fortunate to have met some great students, who inspired me by their love for becoming a teacher, to add more to my curriculum to be the best I can be for my students. I am looking forward to hosting more students in the future.

Messiah College has an outstanding teacher preparation program. All the student teachers I have hosted from Messiah were very well prepared and conscientious students. They were open to suggestions while consistently critiquing their own performance to become better classroom teachers. I would highly recommend hosting a Messiah student teacher, as it is a beneficial experience for both the student and cooperating teacher.

Comments from our Students about their Field Experience:

This past semester I was able to work alongside a teacher who also became a mentor and a friend . . . I had a truly great example of an effective and influential teacher who had wonderful relationships with her students. I would not trade my student teaching placement for anything . . .

. . . I sit at my desk in my classroom . . . Anxiously I await the arrival of my 23 students. I missed them and look forward to hearing about their Thanksgiving breaks. As they slowly begin to trickle into the classroom, my smile begins to grow. I think to myself, 'This is where I am meant to be . . .' Students settle back into their morning routine . . .I just continue to sit there and watch them . . . I listen attentively to their lively stories. . . I cannot think of a time when I am happier than when I am in my classroom with my students . . .

If you are interested in hosting a student for pre-student teaching or student teaching, please notify your district contact and Amanda Sigel.