Frequently Asked Questions About Library Ordering and Budget

How do I order items for the Library?

Every department handles library acquisitions a little bit differently based on their own unique procedures and needs. Talk to your liaison librarian and department chair about how to order library materials. Please provide complete information including the title, author, and ISBN (if applicable) for all requests. You may submit orders in the form of:  

  • Email to liaison librarian
    • Provide basic bibliographic information and/or an Amazon/publisher link
  • Fill out form on library website
  • Pages from a publishers catalog
  • Choice cards
    • Include department and name on each card

How long does it take to receive an ordered book or item (from request to availability)?

Standard order: 2 to 3 months
Priority order: Please specify a need-by date
Rush order: +/- 10 business days; please specify a need-by date

If there are any time constraints, please communicate those particular needs to your librarian.

What is the deadline to submit orders?

The deadline for ordering books or other items for the library is April 1. New purchases for the new fiscal year begin August 1. 

May I use the library's funds to purchase materials that will be housed in my department?

No. All items purchased with library funds must be housed in the library.