Loan Exit Counseling

Loan Exit Counseling


As a student who received federal student loans and has now graduated or withdrawn from Messiah University, you need to complete Loan Exit Counseling. 

The Higher Education Amendments of 1986 (Public Law 99‑498) require institutions to conduct exit counseling with all students who have borrowed from the Federal Direct/Stafford Loan programs. 

Students enrolled less than half-time (6 credits for undergrad; 3 credits for grad) are also required to complete Loan Exit Counseling, even if continuing attendance in the current term.

Even if you enroll at another school at least half‑time, you are still required to complete the loan exit counseling because you are no longer a Messiah University student. 

Exit counseling will help you understand what you owe, your loan repayment rights and responsibilities, and your repayment options.

This webpage will provide you with all the information (or direct you to the links) you need to understand the repayment of your loans and to get help with any repayment issues you encounter.

Here are the steps to follow in completing your loan exit counseling:

  1. If you borrowed from the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program or the FFEL Program (very unlikely since this program ended in 2010), you can complete your loan exit counseling via the link listed below:  
    •  Visit to complete your online exit counseling session.
    •  Click on Manage Loans at the top of the screen, and then choose Complete Exit Counseling
    • The entire counseling process must be completed in a single session. Most people complete counseling in 20-30 minutes. 
    • During the exit counseling session, this site will provide you with anticipated monthly payment amounts based on your actual indebtedness.
    • When you have finished the exit counseling, you will have the option to print the completed forms for your personal records.
  2. This Direct Loan Exit Counseling Guide is also a good reference for you as you enter loan repayment. It provides much of the same information you will cover in the online loan exit counseling session, but it is a resource you can download for future reference. This online booklet contains vital information regarding money management, different repayment options with sample repayment amounts, deferment and forbearance details, and loan consolidation information, as well as Ombudsman contact information.
  3. Download this National Student Loan Data (NSLDS) information sheet.  It provides information about the NSLDS website. Using NSLDS, you will be able to see who your servicers are for each of your federal student loans and find the servicer's contact information.  If you have questions on how to make direct payments, etc., you MUST contact the servicer and the servicer will inform you of their specific processes.
  4. Contact us if we can help in any way.  As noted in item #3, since you are now leaving Messiah University, we won't be as involved in your student loan experience as when you were a student. You'll need to work with your servicer for most of your questions.  But, if there is anyway we can help, please contact us.
  5. Also, be aware that this loan exit counseling and the attached materials apply only to federal student loans.  If you have taken student loans through a private lender, you will need to be in contact with that lender to start your repayment process.  You should have the contact information for your lender in the materials the lender sent you when took out the loan.

Loan Forgiveness & Third-Party Debt Relief Companies

It's also important for you to be alert to “debt relief” companies which may utilize sophisticated strategies to target unsuspecting borrowers.  These companies are often asking students to pay for services that are available free through the Department of Education. 


Please visit our Federal Loans page and see the section entitled Loan Forgiveness & Third-Party Debt Relief Company Information for a number of good resources that can help you avoid these pitfalls.



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