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Openings for Students

Openings for Students

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Contact the Engineering Projects Manager with any questions regarding open positions.

Project Project Description Partner Position(s)
Egg Incubator Under the leadership of Dr. Tan, design a chicken egg incubator system to regulate temperature and humidity and mechanically turn the eggs. This project aims to help people in Zambia start up a small business raising chickens and this low-cost, reliable egg incubator will be essential to their success. Tony Beers with Brethren in Christ World Mission in Zambia, East Africa Student Project Manager
Mechanized Percussive Well Drilling (MPWD) Under the leadership of Dr. Tan, improve upon a manual well drilling system that is used to dig wells in Burkina Faso, Africa. This project will partner with Joseph Longenecker who is a full-time missionary and Messiah engineering alumnus.  Joseph Longenecker with SIM in Burkina Faso, West Africa    Student Project Manager
Wheel Trolley/Table Under the leadership of Dr. Van Dyke, design a wheel trolley for a Christian hospital in Nepal. The trolley is similar to a wheelchair but rather than a chair it is a table that patients who need to remain horizontal can wheel themselves around while staying at the hospital. International Nepal Fellowship, Nepal Student Project Manager
Site Development - Culvert Design Under the leadership of Professor Heisey, design a site plan to reduce the impact of the rainy season on a location in Benin, Africa. Trans World Radio has a radio transmitter at this location which broadcasts Christian messaging into many surrounding countries. This project will help keep their site up and running all year long and allow staff and vehicles to navigate their property. Trans World Radio in Benin, West Africa Student Project Manager
Land Development - Site Design

Under the leadership of Professor Heisey, design a recreational field and other possible site design for a school in Guatemala. Tree 4 Hope is a ministry that seeks to educate, provide shelter, and meet other needs of the poor and their children in this region. This project will help provide a safe and fun place for their children to play sports and be outside.

Tree 4 Hope, Guatemala Student Project Manager

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Marketing Team

The Marketing team focuses on communicating the story of the Collaboratory through print or digital media.  The story involves the interweaving journeys of students and communities who are working together to build hope in our world. The marketing team is the key force that attracts students, partners/projects, and funding to the Collaboratory. 

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