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Experiential Learning Initiative (ELI)

Experiential Learning Initiative (ELI)

The Experiential Learning Initiative (ELI) at Messiah University

All undergraduate students participate in an approved experiential learning activity that supports their professional development and compels them to reflect on the meaning of community.  We define Experiential Learning as occurring when students engage in a guided process where they are challenged to learn, apply and integrate knowledge and skills in an authentic context.

What Makes ELI Distinctive?

There is a common reflection component that gets at the primary outcomes of career development and community engagement. As a result of engaging in the ELI, students will be able to articulate the tangible impact of their experience on their academic learning, personal and professional development, and community contributions.  This will occur through a "career application" that is contextualized for an external audience relevant to the students' future goals (employer, graduate school, etc.).  Sample career applications include a resume, ePortfolio, personal website, and LinkedIn profile.

Students must complete at least one of the following approved experiential learning opportunities to fulfill their ELI requirement:

All credit-bearing internships that are supervised through the centralized Internship Program in the Career & Professional Development Center may fulfill a student’s ELI requirement.  Academic departments interested in offering practica as ELI must submit an ELI Practica Proposal Form.

Faculty interested in offering a service learning course must complete the ELI Service Learning Proposal Form.  By registering for a service learning course, a student may fulfill the ELI requirement. Students who are interested in fulfilling their ELI through cocurricular service-learning (separate from a course) should complete this brief interest form. Questions? Contact the Agape Center for Local and Global Engagement.

All semester-long programs, as well as cross-cultural courses that are managed through the Agape Center for Local and Global Engagement, may fulfill a student’s ELI requirement.

There is a diverse array of leadership positions at Messiah University that are eligible for meeting a student's ELI requirement.  These positions are available wtih areas such as Residence Life, Campus Ministries, Multicultural Programs, Student Government, Student Activities Board, Career & Professional Development Center, Admissions Ambassadors, Sustainability, Office of Student Engagement, The Agape Center, The Pulse, and more.  For information on pre-approved positions, contact Christy Hanson, Dean of Experiential Learning. For educators who want to propose a position for ELI leadership consideration, please complete the proposal form.

Students must communicate to their supervising faculty member their interest in having their research project fulfill the ELI requirement.  Faculty who are interested in supervising an ELI-approved research experience must complete the ELI Research Application Form

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