Service Learning

Agapé Center for Local and Global Engagement

At Messiah University, the Agapé Center for Local and Global Engagement connects students with programs of service-learning, community service, and mission. There are many opportunities for students, as listed below, and more information about these can be found at the Agape Center Website.

Most social work courses involve a service-learning component, and students generally use the Agapé Center to find an agency in the community to fulfill these hours. The Agapé Center holds an open house event every semester to allow students to see all of the placements available so that they can participate in a volunteering experience.  

The Agapé Center also has a list of local community partners that are not a part of the local Outreach Teams who may be looking for one-time or ongoing volunteers. In addition, there are national service trips that are held during Fall Break, and Spring Break, as well as International Service Trips during Spring Break and over the summer, which are sponsored by the Agapé Center through their partner, Food for the Hungry, and their Community to Community Program. In addition, students doing other summer service projects, especially missions trips, may apply for a grant for summer service as advertised by the Agapé Center.

Check out what students are saying about service learning

"I have enjoyed and appreciated my time of service learning. Not only have I been able to learn more about social work, but I have been able to serve the community. During my first year of college I volunteered at Paxton Ministries, which is a home for adults with mental handicaps. I enjoyed getting to know the residents and playing games with them. I also tutored at Center for Champions, an after school program in Harrisburg. It was a great opportunity to interact with children of various ages and to get to know them. Service learning has been a great way to learn more and to give back to the community. " - Amanda Nissley

"Both my sophomore placement and my service learning experiences have helped me to grow more confident with the population I would like to work with. My first service learning experience was at Abba's Place, a youth group for children in Harrisburg. Helping to lead this group gave me the chance to learn to listen to the needs of those who I was working with. During my sophomore placement I worked with the Carlisle YWCA in an after school program helping children to develop good homework habits. This placement gave me the opportunity to help children with their specific needs, and be an encouraging person in their lives. Both these experiences have helped me to prepare for my career in social work." - Beverly Bormann