Bio Faculty Research - Jeff Erikson

Jeff Erikson's Research

Associate Professor of Biology

Microbiological-  Determining the antibiotic properties of Drocera (sundew) plant extracts.  Running disc diffusion assays on Gram negative and positive bacteria. (1 student, 2019-2020)

Cedar Run- Land use shift over time impairs and improves a limestone stream.  Biological and physico-chemical samples collected in the field.  GIS analysis of land use change over the last decade. (1 student, 2019-2020)

Dogwood Run- Influence of geochemical inputs on the benthic community structure.  Study uses sediment cages for controlled substrate size.  Sediments are colonized by macroinvertebrates in various stream sections with sandstone, limestone and a blended geology.   (1 student, 2019-2020)