How Does it Work?

As a sponsoring organization, you can offer substantive work experiences that support students' academic and career goals. If you do not yet have an established internship program or would like to consider ways to improve your current one, access the helpful manual "Information and Tips for Internship Employers."

Next, create an employer profile and submit a posting - Handshake (our internship and job posting system).

Students will view available openings and apply directly to those they are interested in. You then can interview and screen the candidate(s). Once you select a student(s), we work cooperatively with you to support their work performance and learning experience.

Note: The Career & Professional Development Center cannot guarantee students for any semester.

What are the Details?

  • Internships are semester-long experiences ranging from 10-40 hours per week. 
  • Internships should run concurrently with academic semesters as follows: Fall (Sept.-Dec.) Spring (Jan./Feb-Apr.) Summer (May-Aug.).
  • Timeline - Your recruiting of students should begin about three to four months before the beginning of the internship opportunity.
  • Internships are centrally coordinated through the Career & Professional Development Center, not individual departments of the University.
  • Students earn academic credit (1-12 credits during the Fall, Spring, and Summer terms) for internship arrangements.
  • An Internship Class and academic assignments must be completed concurrently with the work experience.
  • The University does not regulate compensation; however, with U.S. Dept. of Labor requirements and the financial demands placed on today's students, businesses are required to pay, and students are looking for remuneration.

What Must I Do to Get Started?

  • Create an employer profile and submit a posting on Handshake (our internship and job posting system).
  • If you are a new or first-time site sponsor, we may request a consultation at your worksite with one of our professional staff.
  • Approved internships will be publicized on campus to students and departmental faculty.
  • Students will email resumes directly to you. You decide whom to interview and accept.

I Have An Intern Starting Soon. What Do I Need To Know?

The employer evaluations are calculated into the student's final grade. Academic assignments and class participation, which they must complete as they progress through their internship, account for a large portion of their grade.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us. Be sure to read the "Information and Tips for Internship Employers."