FalconLink Redirect Page

MCSquare will be redirected to FalconLink on March 26th.

Start using FalconLink today!

Six months ago we launched FalconLink, Messiah's new portal.  In that time over 4000 of you have logged in and started finding, filtering and favoriting the resources you use often. 

What has changed since the  launch?

We have over 400 cards, almost half of which have been created by request from you. We've also improved and tuned the searching for faster results. We've improved the Messiah Today screen, displaying public and student events, as well as campus announcements from our mass email system.

In conjunction with SGA, we will be redirecting MCSquare after Spring Break, on March 26th.  If you currently still use MCSquare for something, and cannot find that card in FalconLink, please let us know by using the feedback icon on the right side of FalconLink.

Customize your FalconLink and access it from any computer or device here

More information: About FalconLink, help, tutorials and new features coming soon

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