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Early Assurance Program: Doctor of Physical Therapy

Early Assurance Program: Doctor of Physical Therapy

Early Assurance Program: Doctor of Physical Therapy

Are you planning a career as a physical therapist?

Physical therapy is consistently ranked as one of the top, fastest-growing job opportunities in the U.S. Messiah’s Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Program is designed to prepare you for the National Physical Therapy Examination to become a licensed physical therapist and to serve in a variety of professional settings.

If you’re committed to becoming a physical therapist, Messiah's Doctor of Physical Therapy Early Assurance Program (DPT EAP) will streamline your education. It allows both high school seniors and Messiah University juniors who fulfill the program’s admissions requirements to obtain guaranteed acceptance regarding admission into the DPT program. Up to 10 high school seniors and 10 Messiah juniors may be accepted for early assurance for any given DPT cohort.

Benefits of early assurance

As a student accepted into the DPT EAP program, you have the assurance of working closely with a specialized Messiah faculty advisor while you’re earning your bachelor’s degree to prepare for your seamless entry into Messiah’s DPT program. Our full time, 110-credit, residential DPT program features a state-of-the-art educational facility just minutes from Messiah’s main campus designed to prepare you as a competent, in-demand physical therapist and a leader in your field.

Criteria and how to apply

Learn more about the DPT EAP for high school seniors

Learn more about the DPT EAP for Messiah University juniors

  • A 110-credit program that can be completed in eight semesters.
  • A cohort-learning model.
  • A state-of-the-art, 37,000 square-foot educational facility custom-designed for physical therapy (PT).
  • A program that incorporates community service, cultural relevancy and global engagement.
  • International collaboration with healthcare facilities across the globe using Skype communication, instructional modules and the opportunity to serve and learn on missions trips.
  • The academic distinction of a nationally ranked, accredited private Christian university. Messiah University is the first institution within the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities in the Northeast or Mid-Atlantic Region to offer a graduate program in PT.
  • Faculty who are experienced Christian educators, PT professionals and accomplished scholars who will take time to mentor you in your education, faith and career.
  • Networking and partnership opportunities with the local PT community.